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She wakes up smelling something delicious and are soon greeted by her husband who smiles brightly.
"Morning love.....sleep well?" :blushes:
He is dressed in blue jeans and a tight grayish blue t-shirt.
She smiles " held me all night and it felt really always."
He blushes a little and comes over and kisses her lips.
"and I always will....come, I made you breakfast." :blushes:
She looks a little surprised and gets up and comes to the kitchen only to get another surprise.
On the table is pancakes, bacon, toast, coffee and a bowl of fruit.
Her eyes widen and her jaw drops "Is that all for me?!!?!?" OO
He laughs and kisses her neck playfully.
"yes American breakfast. come, you need it."
Her and him eat and she cant tastes heavenly and she eats all of it and feels like she cant eat for the rest of the day.
Seth then cleans off the table and smiles "Get dressed love...."
Carolin blinks "d-do we have plans?" 00
He nods "yes....I have a nice day all planned out....just me and you together. C-can we please?"
He is blushing and his eyes plead with her and he looks rather cute like this and she of course cant resist.
"oh know I could never say no to you...." :blushes:
He looks delighted and hugs and kisses her and goes with her to her room to help her dress...not that she needed the help. But he rather enjoyed it.
Soon he has her dressed in a nice pair of pants and a nice top and he is soon pulling her out the door with him.
He walks to the train station with her, holding her hand and talking with her on the way.
People pass by and stare....they both look so sweet together....everyone is jealous.
He of course has his big hoodie on to hide his appearance but he is much used to it by now.
10 minutes til the train and he holds her close and has his arms around her, talking about everything and anything and sounds so happy.
The day feels like autumn....not hot out, but not cold....just nice. 
Finally the train comes and he gets on with her.
As the train goes he runs his gloved hand through her hair...she can see his eyes stare at her with such melts her. 
He leans down and kisses her not caring who sees. 
Finally the stop comes and she looks curious as he pulls her off with him. 
She asks where the destination is and he only smiles.
Soon they both arrive at the mall and he takes her in still holding her hand.
It's not long before they both arrive in the clothing store and of course he goes straight to the women's section and stops in front of the bras...
Her face gets red and but she frowns as well.
"Seeeeth....y-you know I dont have money for new ones...." :iconshyblushplz:
She looks sad now and ashamed.
He frowns and comes over close "it's ok babe....I've saved up money....I'll be paying. get what you want."
She gasps "Seeeth!!! you shouldnt!! save yer money for more important things!"
He frowns and looks a bit hurt but pulls her close and kisses her "There is nothing more important than my wife...."
After a little bit more of her trying to convince him otherwise, she finds herself losing the argument and giving in to his wishes. It wasnt that she didnt want him to do this....and he knew it. He knew she always found it difficult to let others do things for her or treat her....he knew it. But soon she was smiling again and it made him melt like crazy.
She picks out a few bras and underwear....or more like he was putting things in her arms that she liked without even looking at the prices.
It made her nervous. "Seth....a-are you sure?"
He looks at her "babe please....please trust me. I can do this....I've been saving for months....just to have a full day of spoiling my babe...." :blushes:
It brings her to tears and she is so speechless by his love.
He smiles "try them on babe...." He has that mischievous grin and she blushes and nods "ok..." :blushes:
She goes into the dressing room and starts trying the stuff on, but she yelps when she sees him suddenly sneak in while she is half undressed.
He blushes and smiles "I snuck in..." :blushes:
She blinks "I-I see that! yer gonna get us kicked out!!" :iconblushingmadplz:
But she cant help but be amused by him and her face is red.
His face gets red too "go ahead....let me see em on you...." :blushes:
She looks at him shyly and starts trying them on and she can see that he likes everything he's seeing.
Finally she has the last one on. Only one of them didnt fit, all the others did.
He finally gets up from the stool and comes close.
"I love it all on you babe....but....I like em off too...." :iconnightsmirkplz:
You giggle and he starts getting frisky with you in the dressing room 
You shake yer head "s-shell Seth!! w-what if someone finds out?!?!"
He blushes "it'll be fine one will know....just a quick one..." ;)

Long minutes go by and finally they both come out and manage to slip past the people working and both of them have red faces.
He giggles like a silly school boy " least we didnt leave a mess...." :blush:
She hits his arm playfully and blushes dark.
"Yer crazy!....but I love you...." :iconcutederpplz:
"I love you too Carolin...."
He has her get a few more things and he pays for it all without hesitation and she is quite shocked.
He walks out of the mall with her and again holds her hand.
"Where now?" She asks.
He smiles "I asked Mormor if we could have lunch with her and visit her a while...." 
It brings happy tears to her eyes and she hugs him "Oh Seth!! yer so sweet!!!" :happycry:
So they both quickly go and drop off the stuff at their house and head to her grandma's house.
He hugs her grandma when he comes in and takes off his shoes and gloves and gives her grandma a kiss on the cheek and Carolin melts inside.
Margot welcomes them both in and soon has coffee for Carolin and tea for Seth along with snacks.
He asks Margot if there is anything he can help her with and she soon puts him to work a little in the kitchen helping her.
Carolin watches Seth as he helps and she feels so blessed to have such a good man as him.
Carolin and Seth both spend a good couple of hours there and he helps Margot with moving things, watering flowers, and even helps her out with her computer.
Finally you both leave there.
"Babe....I wanna buy flowers for Tesse and just see her to wish her well....can we?"
She nods and looks so happy "Of course!!!!" :happycry:
Carolin looks radiant and so happy and she clings onto his muscular arm as they both walk to the nearest flower shop.
He is loving seeing her like this and it blesses his heart so much.
He buys a big bouquet of flowers and soon they are off to see her little sister who just had surgery.  
Seth hugs and kisses Carolin's mom but her mom tells him Tesse is resting and should not be seen yet. He nods understanding "please...give these to Tesse for me then?" She nods "oh yes of course!"
She takes them and finds a vase and waters them and sets them on the table.
After a short while there Carolin and Seth leave and head out again.
He gets back on the trains with her and soon heads to Gamla Stan and walks with his arms around her.
There is soon that bridge that has all the locks locked to the railings....
He smiles "hey babe?....I know this is sorta stupid....but....I wanna put a lock on here with our name on it. I know that it is silly....but....I wanna."
Carolin shakes her head "oh Seth....I love you. I would be honored..." :happycry:
He buys a lock and pulls out one of his small knives and carves his and her name into it. He then hooks the lock onto the railing and throws the key into the river with the countless other keys.
Seth's eyes meet her's and he pulls her into his arms and kisses her passionately.

The evening is soon under way and he walks around with her.  He and Carolin go into funny gift stores and try on funny and suggestive things and are having a really good time. He and her laugh and take pictures of each other.
Then they both stop and have ice cream together. He playfully puts some ice cream on her face and she gasps and does it back to him and they play around jokingly like young couples.
Then he takes her to a nice high spot and watches the sun set with her. It starts getting cool and he bundles up to her and shivers a bit.
She frowns "Babe?...awww yer cold.....maybe we should head back now...."
He nods and they both get up. But when she does she yelps and falls back on the bench.
He gasps and spins around "babe!!! what's wrong?!?!?" :fear:
She sighs and moans a bit "hip pain....again....ow....I-I'll be ok Seth...."
He slowly helps her up again when she's ready but she soon limps.
Seth sees this and suddenly lifts her into his arms and carries her princess style to the train station. People of course are staring like crazy but he doesnt care.
The train is about to leave...the doors are closing and he gasps and makes a mad dash to the train, Carolin still in his arms and he almost gets closed in the door but makes it just in time.
Her heart is racing having found that a little scary but she looks at him and starts to calm down, her trust being restored as she is reminded of who's arms she's in.
He finds a seat and holds her in his lap.
They both are feeling tired now from this long day....but both so happy.
Finally the stop comes and he gets off, once again carrying her as a princess.
In no time they arrive home. He gets her some pain meds for her hip and starts filling the tub....
He hated baths....but he knew it would do her good and that she enjoyed baths.
He puts a sweet smelling liquid in it making bubbles in the water and soon brings her in and strips her.
He then hesitates but slowly joins her in the tub and starts massaging her....He was a pro at massaging....and it felt like heaven to her...
She moans and closes her all felt so wonderful...
Finally they make it to bed...
Seth cant resist being with her and soon is making love.
Late in the night they lay there in each other's arms and Carolin looks at him in such joy and love.
"Seth....this day was....more than I could have dreamed of with you....I-I love you so much for this.....yer the best husband a woman could did I get so lucky to have you?" :happycry:
He touches her face "oh babe....I'm the lucky one....a creature rejected by this world and an unnatural being....but God has given me an angel for a wife....the most beautiful woman I have ever seen....a...and I know I dont always do this. I should do it more. I was before using the excuse that I'm a guy and dont always think to do this and some times am an air head....but it's no excuse. This wont be the last time babe. many more will come. I will keep saving money for dates with you. I love you so much and I will do everything I can to show my love to my angel....I love you so much....I will never take you for granted...."
She's in tears again and pulls his head down for a deep kiss and he answers it right back.
"Sweet love of mine....yer my sunshine...."
yes I added emotes because I was too lazy to write out expressions :roll: 
My OC Seth and his wife :iconsnofs: <3
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